Sometimes it makes more sense to support clients remotely than to visit them onsite. This happens for two main reasons. First, the problem may be so small that it doesn't make sense to drive to your location and incur a one-hour minimum charge. At other times there may be a problem which we can manage remotely, and a schedule (or deadline) makes it difficult to address the situation in a timely manner any other way.

In those cases, Mac+Tech clients can download TeamViewer here. This will place an installer on your Mac (usually in your Downloads folder). Double-click on it (TeamViewer.dmg), and run the installer that pops up. You will need to enter your user (computer) password, but no need to create an account with an email address. Just skip that part of the installation.

When you are ready to get remote support (when you have me on the phone), double-click on TeamViewer in your applications folder. No need to enter anything in the email/password fields. You will see "Your ID" and a password. For your security, this password will change each time you launch TeamViewer. When I have both the ID and the password, I will be able to take control of your computer over the internet. You will see everything I do and can close the connection at any time.