Improving your Wi-Fi

Mac+Tech can help you with common networking problems:
Slow Internet
Dead Spots (or areas where your speed is slow)
Losing Your Internet Connection
Trouble Streaming Movies
Wi-Fi Password Issues
Trouble with Printing

Fast Internet starts with the package you have with your Internet Provider.
We look at your account and determine if you are paying too much for too little.
Do you need a new modem (usually this is free)?
Are you signed up on a “discounted 2-year” plan? If it has expired, your rates may have gone up.
If you haven’t renegotiated your plan for many years, you may get more speed for less money.

Are you using older technology?
Apple stopped updating their Wi-Fi products in 2013, and later stopped selling them.
Are you using a Wi-Fi “extender”? This could be slowing your entire network.
Do you have just one Wi-Fi router for an entire large house? That’s probably not enough.

Have you switched to a new “mesh” system?
Some are faster than others.
Placement of “nodes” is very important.
Do you have enough nodes?
Is your system configured properly?

We go onsite and test the speed of your network.
We troubleshoot any known issues.
We give you your options.
We can often setup a new mesh system, if desired, on the initial visit.

We’ve been doing Wi-Fi for 20 years.